Welcome Friends,
We are located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains; we are country folk.  Our dogs get plenty of fresh air and have lots of room to play!

Spot of Dane is committed to producing beautiful, healthy and quality Great Danes. We operate nationally and can fly our puppies to any major airport.   

Note: Our dogs are pets and we love them. We do not have puppies unless we can devote our time to them and give them all the attention they deserve. We ask the same from the families that adopt our puppies.  Great Dane's, like any other dog, have requirements of care for their breed.  They need lots of room, plenty of exercise, and lots of attention. They make great family pets as well. For more information about the breed itself we recommend www.all-about-great-danes.com 
 You should look over this information before making the decision to add one to your family.  

About Us,
My childhood wish was to own a Great Dane.  I loved them, with their imposing looks and puppy personalities.  So one day my parents brought home a Dachshund......

My little dog became my best friend, despite being vertically challenged.  I loved my little Susie for thirteen wonderful years until she passed away.  Like most people who lose one they love, I vowed never to love again.  Until Nellie Mystique came into my life.  She was the first Great Dane that I ever owned and since she came along, I've been hooked.  

                           "Whoever said...
                                       you can't buy happiness

                      forgot little puppies.      -- Gene Hill